...well denes has little antecedents, too..he got his stage name by claude young years ago...
who asked several times "whose sound is that?" - "well dene`s sound!" as the long-standing doer of "handmade" - a famous & successful event organisation in karlsruhe he experienced the scene. years of famous events, parties & open airs...the melange of innovative sound,  lovely decoration and full details was the basis of the brand "handmade".
his residency in germany`s famous southwest "neo-tokyo" club gave him lots of opportunities to play together or back2back with international techno & electro artists.
alone on stage -as a master of structure- ...freak out guaranteed!

in 2002 denes became a member of the famous event- and music organisation "electro_nouveau" fecundating the electronic music scene in rhein-neckar.

after hundreds of fabulous nights and events it was time for him to admit to his destiny.

in 2009 he founded ELECTROGRAVITY with feydh rotan. events, booking and records....stay tuned


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